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Tip toe tip toe,
Using ninja stealth.
Tip toe tip toe,
Earn yourself some wealth.
Bikes, tools, boats and phones,
Grab those things that pay.
Use the cover of the night,
To take the stuff away.
:iconriver-989:River-989 1 5
Endless Call
It’s ringing, it’s ringing,
Can’t you hear your phone?
Still ringing, still ringing,
I hate that awful tone.
Rings right through to voicemail,
‘Leave a message at the tone.’
Press the redial button,
:iconriver-989:River-989 1 3
River-Leigh Three
Happy Birthday my baby,
A girl of mere three.
You’re enchanted by bubbles,
And by just running free.
Blonde bouncy curls,
Lay atop your pale head.
You sparkle in sunlight,
You’ve so much to be said.
Your heart is so loving,
A gift from a fairy.
Though your temper is fierce,
Courageous and scary.
Brilliance flows from your lips,
Astonish any who hear.
Amaze all around you,
You’re gifted my dear.
You’ll shine brighter than everyone,
You’ll astound all that you meet.
My blonde bubbly princess,
Shall have the world at her feet.
:iconriver-989:River-989 0 1
Christmas Seems Different
I’m used to snowy Christmas’s,
With fires roaring hot.
Sled racing down the nearest hill,
No sign of Winters stop.
Bundled up in big ski coats,
Trash bags tied round our shoes.
The whole entire neighbourhood,
Enjoyed the ‘Snow Day’ news.
Back home around the fireplace,
‘Cause we couldn’t see the street.
We’d watch the multi coloured flames,
And drift warmly off to sleep.
My Christmas now is different,
It’s like Christmas in July.
No need for nice warm ski coats,
Your swimmers will do fine.
There’s no one lighting fires,
And ‘Snow Days’ don’t exist.
Christmas day is spent outside,
Get pissed and open gifts.
It feels strange to have a Christmas,
Without the Winter wonderland.
You’re not snuggled by the fireplace,
You’re melting by the fan.
:iconriver-989:River-989 0 0
Brisbane's So Called Summer
We’re heading into Summer,
Yet the nights are bloody cold.
One minute you have heat stroke,
Then frost bite nips your toes.
This stupid Brisbane weather,
Just can’t make up its mind.
Ten minutes straight it’s storming,
Then the sun is out to shine.
Wear singlets, shorts and bare feet,
To make it through the day.
But trackies, hoodies, fluffy socks,
Come night time you will crave.
:iconriver-989:River-989 0 0
There are reasons why I love you,
I could try to name them all,
But there’s too little ink and paper,
For all the reasons I’d recall.
Yes you’re funny and you’re smart,
Both sensitive and kind,
But those are all the boring answers,
From a boring persons mind.
If only life was longer,
So I could have more time,
To try and tell you all the ways,
I love that you are mine.
I know exactly who you are,
Can’t scare me with your past.
We’ll walk through scary times together,
‘Cause we’re the two who’ll last.
You may not see the man you are,
You don’t believe me when I say;
That you’re the only decent man,
Who lives and breathes today.
No matter what life throws at us,
I’ll hold your hand with pride.
Through sickness and through health,
Until the day we die.
:iconriver-989:River-989 2 3
Temptation Two Door
Prestige is her body,
She’s built for the track.
She’ll launch from the start line,
All you’ll see is her back.
Her tyres are rare,
Bendix Ultimate pads,
Keep her well out of harm.
HID’s for the headlights,
They’re incredibly bright.
Nismo clears either side,
She’s a beautiful sight.
Turbo engine of course,
With a BOV so she sneezes,
Once boost wind up is met.
Blitz R-Fit to help,
Keep her tacho in tune.
Hand Controller Apexi,
Let’s me know how she’s doin’.
Turbo Timer engages,
Once the ignition is off.
Engine cools during countdown,
Then shuts its self off.
She’s more than just engine,
She’s tidy all round.
With GTR centre caps,
And GTR mats on the ground.
She’s maroon with a sunroof,
Sits low on the street.
She’s tough and she’s tidy,
Our R33.
:iconriver-989:River-989 1 3
True Wiccans are a dying breed,
Most people unaware.
That Wicca is a practised faith,
It’s for the Earth we care.
Most of those who claim to know,
Have no idea at all.
They think we’re just some evil cult,
‘Hail Satan, screw you all!’
The Goddess, Mother, and the Crone,
Walk every path of life.
There’s good and bad throughout the world,
It’s a constant daily fight.
Black magic is our ‘darker’ craft,
Our covens of the night.
They study painful ancient lore,
So we remember right.
White magic is the lighter side,
The Healers and their herbs.
Helping everyone they could,
Expect nothing in return.
Shadow magic walks both paths,
Follows light and dark.
To understand the Craft itself,
Total knowledge of the Art.
Wicca’s bound by nature,
Through the elements of life.
A complete appreciation,
Of Mother Natures might.
So Blessed Be my sisters,
May the Goddess light your path.
The dark side and the light side,
We’re all each other have.
:iconriver-989:River-989 2 3
The Right but Wrong Way Round
There’s houses everywhere you look,
But none are homes like from a book.
There’s people smiling in the streets,
But strangers try to hand you sweets.
The ocean seems a peaceful place,
But monsters hide in every space.
There’s shade to spare you from the sun,
But if you hide, you won’t have fun.
There’s lots of sports that you can play,
But only if you’re born one way.
There’s lots of lovely things in life,
But all will cost some kind of price.
They tell you just to be yourself,
Then ask you to be someone else.
They offer you a chance to live,
Then ask far more than you can give.
You’re taught to never judge a soul,
Then spend your life harassed by all.
They say a question can’t be dumb,
Until you go and ask them one.
They tell you of a place that’s safe,
But only if you share their faith.
They encourage us to use our brains,
But dismiss our knowledge every day.
They say one thing but mean another,
Then wonder why we do not bot
:iconriver-989:River-989 1 3
Stories of Lore
We question the findings of an age we destroyed,
Where magic and chaos we’d never avoid.
The stories we have must have spawned from somewhere?
Too many alike for us all not to care.
We’ve grown in a world where to see is believe,
But just being human, means to easily deceive.
We say; ‘open your eyes’ to less intelligent folk,
Forgetting ourselves in this world of a joke.
How about; ‘open your mind to the world of before’?
For creation and wonder lay in stories of lore.
:iconriver-989:River-989 1 3
The Usual
Usual weekday,
Where everyone’s out.
Nobody’s on,
And it’s makin’ us pout.
Headaches as usual,
Strapped for cash.
Someone reply,
Please make it fast.
Watching the clock,
Try to hurry the time.
From feeling down low,
To flying up high.
Playing my card games,
He stares at the screen.
Hoping that someone,
Will be just as keen.
All of my poems,
Become something silly.
Helping me think right,
While ya’ll have a billy.
Stoners and tweakers,
And those in between.
All of the partiers,
Equally keen.
Wait by the telephone,
Hope they will call.
Midnight rolls round,
And it’s all just a stall.
Result of the usual,
Keep repeating the same.
Day in and day out,
It’s all a sick game.
:iconriver-989:River-989 2 15
Mature content
Sitting on the deck,Drinking :iconriver-989:River-989 1 10
Split Personalities
I wish you could decide,
Which you is the real one.
Happy and loving,
Or the other one.
Some days,
You are an honest open guy;
Happy, fun and full of life.
Other days,
You are secretive and shut;
Distant, closed and stuck in a rut.
I always sit and smile,
Make sure to play my part.
You seem to change your mind though,
From happy man, to closed heart.
I know you love me,
We have heaps of fun.
Best friend and lover,
My only one.
I know you have your own life;
Friends and work alike,
But it’s not hard to include me,
So I don’t hide away all night.
I’ll never say this to you,
And it’s not that big a deal,
I’ll just keep on smiling like I always do.
:iconriver-989:River-989 1 5
People ask,
But don't want to know.
One word instils suspicion.
That one word,
Just one word,
Makes everybody stare.
They ask about the symbols,
My neck,
My ears,
My naval.
They ask their questions,
And dislike the answers.
I try to explain,
But they never seem to care.
Human beings, so narrow minded.
Oppose anything different or new.
Yet somehow, we remain in charge.
Centuries of violence seem to be all that we know.
If it's different, it dies.
If it might be different, it dies an even worse death.
Just because I believe something different to you,
Doesn't mean I should burn for your fear of a word.
:iconriver-989:River-989 1 7
Mature content
Love for Blood :iconriver-989:River-989 0 7
The Result of Snowflakes
Day in and day out I lay here awake,
The constant hum of nothing.
Please can I sleep?
The snowflakes eat away my brain,
And leave the hum of nothing.
Wish I could sleep.
The flame that melts the snowflakes,
Is easy to get lost in.
Why should I sleep?
The energy of thousands,
Eyes as wide as life itself.
Never shall I sleep.
One point, two points,
Three points or more.
Never enough.
Dance pretty snowflakes,
Melt from the flame.
Keep me awake just a while longer.
Then finally, darkness.
A sleep unlike sleep.
Time passes by,
Completely oblivious.
Vivid dreams that you don't remember,
Images of snowflakes, glass and fire.
I prefer the hum of nothing.
Today is a new day,
As I lay here again.
I don't ever want to sleep.
:iconriver-989:River-989 1 7


Motor City Tink by ToolKitten Motor City Tink :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 1,910 103 No Tomorrow 02 color by ToolKitten No Tomorrow 02 color :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 2,056 28 robyn hood legend by ToolKitten robyn hood legend :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 2,109 55 Logo skull by ToolKitten Logo skull :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 373 16 FTF 2014 Mermaid Lagoon by ToolKitten FTF 2014 Mermaid Lagoon :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 4,172 193 Sulphur by izy-billie Sulphur :iconizy-billie:izy-billie 4 1
something just a bit more
want to be more
than what I am not.
want to be more
than what I am.
I want to be more than the sum
of my flaws and my virtues.
I want to be more than my name
I want to be every letter making up all of them
the vowels and the consonants
every straight line and curve
making up who I am
unchangeable and defined to
the changed and the undefinable.
I want to be anonymous and unknown
to live like there is nothing and nobody
to be my anchor.
One who is on an island, untouchable and
unable to touch.
Within my solitude I am freed
from the burdens of unwarranted expectations
"I am who I am"
the simplest of phrases
misunderstood and unable to understand
More than the past, less than the future
just in the now I am
but a wish.
Into non-existence wander
pure solitude is not mine to own.
To reach out is to invite others in
and so I
:iconcontradictory55:Contradictory55 11 61
Witch by izy-billie Witch :iconizy-billie:izy-billie 9 3
fiction not fact
Art is fiction not fact
more than what it is
yet less than what it seems
perception isn't reality,
yet that's all art is:
the perception of reality.
Art is
the idea of what is
the idea of what isn't
the idea of what could be
Art is nothing but creation
even when it is destruction
It is emotion, numbness,
the truth one sees or
the lies one doesn't.
The face, the body, the mind
fingers flying across blank paper
losing ourselves while creating a mirror
what was once empty now full
of the being that is
who we are.
The past, the future, the present
yesterday's tomorrow is where we reside
Our eternal home until we reach eternity
In this promise unbreakable yet unknown
the only absolute certainty
is our own morality.
Art is the mark we leave upon the world
The end result of us.
:iconcontradictory55:Contradictory55 13 109
Naughty by wlop Naughty :iconwlop:wlop 4,470 86 theory  colors by ToolKitten theory colors :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 2,078 48
Today I bled and no one saw
Today I bled and no one saw
A forest full of trees and I’m the only one that fell.
Dawn came and the day prevailed, and after a while, it retired, shouldering the burden of moonrise and twilight, yet I was still but a figure lying in the dust.  Exposed and bare to the tellurian ballet.
I became a home to parasites. Organisms grew proud inside of me, bestirred on top of me, and under me, but I was unable to stand tall as I once was.
My sentience was still intact. And my days were slow and empty; I became a ghost of change. My life wasn’t over, yet I was forced to suffer it. Not for me, but for the hangers-on. They strived but for me. My purpose was for them. I wished I could change it, but I was unable.
I became complacent, willing to accept the sycophant function I had affected, and my soul took roots in my new role. Although it was only a semblance of what I once was, my being was once again towering over the things that crawled along the ground beside me. I was lifted up
:icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 200 40
Ftf Tinkerbell 2014 by ToolKitten Ftf Tinkerbell 2014 :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 3,427 66 Angel by wlop Angel :iconwlop:wlop 24,015 668 Passer-by by wlop Passer-by :iconwlop:wlop 14,450 394 Judge by wlop Judge :iconwlop:wlop 14,774 385



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hey all!!!!!!!!

I finally have had enough time to sit down and convert my poems from paper to computer!!

which means I can FINALLY upload them to here!!

Have a read of them and please give me any and all feedback!!



Brodie-Rain Osburn
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
My name is Brodie-Rain and I'm 19. I have a beautiful daughter whom I love very much.
I have been writing poems since I was 8 years old, everything I write is from my own personal experiences.
Be it; my Celtic background, the affairs of my heart, the evils I struggle with or about my daughter, I only write truths. This is my escape, my place for emotional venting, my way to remember there is still beauty in the world.


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